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there are so many reasons to have photos done - social media, personal branding (headshots), images for your partner, family gifts, to celebrate milestones, because you don't have any beautiful images of yourself, and/or for decor in your home.    you can bring your mother, your sisters, your partner, your children, your best friends - anyone significant to you that you want photos with.  My intention is to make the process of crafting your images as stress free and beautiful as possible. You can Bring a couple of outfits for a variety of looks and end uses.  its all up to you!




"Giving people beautiful images of themselves and/or their loved ones has always brought me great joy.  To see my clients faces and hear their expressions of love and joy as they view the images I tailored for them is inspirational to me.  To craft these images into custom pieces that suit their tastes and lifestyles using my background in interior design is a gift that I share gladly.  A gift that will hopefully enhance their everyday as it does mine.”  -  Angee L.


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